coaching for executives, individual coaching or guidance, all happens in the motorhome

Coaching for executives

on my own account and for my customers


all forms of coaching

Target group

Executives, Manager

3x coaching for executives in different forms

  • To increase personal competence
  • For untying the knot in a self
  • And for reorientation at work or for a new task

2x on behalf of companies and 1x private. Thank you for your trust!

Personal competence

  • Find your own direction
  • Analysis of situations experienced as difficult
  • Preparation of upcoming conversations with „unloved“ people
  • My role as a manager!

Untying the knot

  • Recognize your own stumbling blocks with a look back at your childhood
  • Perceiving the inner drivers
  • Recognizing and solving effects in everyday work
  • Strengthen your own strengths

New challenges

  • After termination – where am I?
  • Who am I?!
  • What distinguishes me!
  • Where do I want to go?!
  • Definition of measures and steps for a new challenge!

Coaching for executives is therefore about many areas and contents. What we work on depends on the customer order, the development within the coaching and the wishes of the person coached.

No coaching is like the other!

Individuality is very important to me. It’s useless if I proceed according to the book. Every person is unique, and this must be considered in every conversation. Even if we sometimes go in a different direction than originally intended. We always find our way back and in the end, we come full circle.

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