Lectures and workshops

I am happy to offer lectures and workshops. Because these are a good way to pass on knowledge to interested parties. So, all participants have the chance to actively participate. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

Leading successful conversations

Successful conversations

Successful conversations Workshop on the topic of employee appraisals and successful interview management The daily challenges in conversation are topics such as expressing criticism, promoting motivation, uncovering dissatisfaction and, among other things, open communication. Good conversations only make sense if I manage to create understanding for each other. I discuss the information and situation in …

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Conclusion Group D

Completion Group D

Completion Groups D Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG Topics almost my whole portfolio Target group Executives Team leader Final workshop The final workshop serves to review the entire program once again. All participants have the task of going through all the modules / photo protocols once again and working on them in individual small …

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online training for online presenting

Presenting online

Presenting Online Training program with 4 modules Presenting online was the focus of a training program aimed at people who present frequently, especially online. First, we got acquainted with the technology. In this case, it was working with MS Teams. After everyone was familiar with the technology, we worked with a few basics and then …

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new structure

New structure

New structure in the compressed air segment NOLD Hydraulik + Pneumatik GmbH Topics Culture, Change management, communication, motivation, team Target group Executives Team leader Employee Workshop 1, as a basis for the new structure In the first workshop, we defined the contents, tasks, and necessary competencies for the three newly defined areas and the new …

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The 4th group in the team leader program

4th group

4th group in the Team Leader Program Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG Topics Behavior + Culture + Leadership + Online + Personality + Structure Target group Executives Team leader 4th group in the team leader program This time, the participants are widely distributed from the company. So we are talking about marketing, production, retail sales …

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