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In the customer news you can find all activities from the last years. These are coaching, training, advice and change activities. I have implemented this with my customers over the past few years. There is therefore a lot of exciting and interesting content and articles to be found.

To all my customers: Thank you very much for your trust in me!

Look around, it is really worth it!

Ursula Hesselmann's customers in 2021

Customer news 2021

Customer news 2021 all customers from 2021 Topics almost my entire portfolio Target group Employees Leader Executive Team leader Private citizen Customer news 2021: All customers from 2021 in alphabetical order Thank you for welcoming you to my customer base again! carthago RV construction GmbH Employee and Management training Young talent program group 2 (2018-2021) …

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Team leader programm start of group 3

Group 3 TLP

Group 3 TLPTeam Leader Program Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG Topics Behavior + Culture + Leadership + Online + Personality + Structure  Target group ExecutivesTeam leader Team leader program in different versions Due to different requirements and needs from group 1 and 2, there is now another different variant for my customer and the participants …

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Customer news 2020

Customer news 2020

Customer news 2020 all customers from 2020 Topics almost my entire portfolio Target group Employees Leader Executive Team leader Thanks to my customers! Corona Pandemic I would like to thank all my customers who let their sessions continue or converted them into online training. And I thank the customers who have postponed their originally planned …

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Online Moderation and group work

Online moderation

Online Moderation Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG Topics Moderate + Online Structure + Behavior Target group Executive Employees from R&D Basic conditions in organizational and didactical design for good moderation Throug six appointments, we delved into the topic of online moderation. Using a basic and an advanced module, the participants acquired a good structure. Because …

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Online Führen

Leading online

Leading Online Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG Topics Culture + Structure Leadership + Behavior Online + Personality target group Executives Manager Teamleader Leading in times of Corona On four dates, we discussed the challenges for a manager in times of Corona, home offices and short-time work. How can we, as managers, also discern good online relationships? Which …

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Customers 2019

Customer news 2019

Customer news 2019 all customers from 2019 Topics check out my portfolio target group Employees Leaders Executives Privat people Customer news 2019: All customers from 2019 in alphabetical order BCS Automotive Interface Solutions Team development Closed meeting of permanent members and substitute members of the works council. For better cooperation, better communication, and comparison of …

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customer news 2018

Customer news 2018

Customer news 2018 all customers in the year 2018 Topics nearly my whole portfolio target group employees leaders privat people Customer news 2018: All customers in 2018 in alphabetical order Balzer GmbH Safeguarding the future Elaboration of the culture and mood Succession planning defined on the basis of Spiral Dynamics carthago RV construction GmbH Young …

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Esteem and respect


Esteem Duty or hackneyed phrase?! ifm electronic gmbh Topics Personality, inner attitude, leadership, culture Target group Executives Team leader employees I am pleased to welcome ifm electronic gmbh to my customer base again. This lecture was about value and esteem. We also worked out a distinction between recognition, praise, and appreciation. Often, however, they are …

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