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Catch up lost times

carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH


Target group

all employees

Countervail missing times with an online session

Together with two participants from the young talent program, we caught up on a module about team & motivation, online, via zoom.

We worked out the content with the help of the photo protocol from the face-to-face training with the group. We also carried out the tasks and exercises that had taken place with the others. Like online coaching, it was intense and exhausting for the participants.

It was about values, for yourself and within the team. So, I was able to draw a good and understandable development picture with the help of the figures and historical pictures. We also talked about human history. Then about the personal development of everyone. And to round out the picture, also about the development of companies.

Then we touched on the team phases to see where the team is now. And finally, we paid close attention to personal motivation. The provocative question was: „Why do you get up every morning and go to work?“ The resulting dialogue brought many intense feelings to light.

It is a great way to catch up on the content and be on par and the same level with the others.

This is an excellent way to compensate for absenteeism and catch up on lost time. AND it is a good start for further homework and the following module with the junior staff in group 2.

Compensate for absenteeism and catch up on issues

A great opportunity to work intensively on the Spiral Dynamics model together.
With pictures, cards, and the matching flipchart in the background 🙂

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