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… in order to be able to lead well, we have to learn to cultivate a different kind of communication.

Topics that we used to discuss between “door and hinge” are now neglected due to the countless online meetings.

It’s about understanding when and how it has to be different.

bookboon webinar

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Much depends on when we experience a loss of control and how we learn to deal with control and trust. The team and the employees must be treated differently.
To do this, we need different communication skills that are the basis for trust.

Contents of the bookboon webinar:

  • Challenges and needs in communication
    • Communication climate
    • What do we expect from a good conversation?
    • Communication culture in the generation issue
  • Good communication skills build trust
    • Talking about unpleasant things, who do I do it with?
    • Trust as the basis of all social relationships!
    • Credibility strengthens trust, even across generations
  • Willingness to trust = live trust

At the end of my 30-minute presentation, we still had 15 minutes for questions.
There were great questions and exciting topics.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the participants and only spoke to my screen.

This is not my usual practice. I also think that in this form it is not a good basis for the topic of communication and trust. 😕

Bookboon webinar about communication

Unfortunately, the webinar was only available to bookboon customers.
Nevertheless, I have given you a small impression here.

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