Animals and eLearning

Animals and eLearning

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Sales managers
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Personnel development

The successful introduction of eLearning and what armadillos, camels and migratory birds have to do with it

That was the full title of my workshop at the Zukunft Personal in Cologne on October 12th, 2010. The European Congress for E-Learning, Knowledge Management and Personnel Development – PLE for short – took place at the same time.

It was about innovations in eLearning, good practice examples, and more.


To ensure the success of eLearning, we took a trip into the world of wildlife. It was a new kind of change of perspective, exciting, amusing and very informative to talk about animals and eLearning.

We talked about Olympic runners, migratory birds, mayflies, armadillos, and the Colossus of Rhodes was also part of our lap. And in the end, we had camels.

An introduction must therefore be practical, practical, and useful. Then we need the motivation to increase job satisfaction. The handicap is that everything is a matter of subjective perception.

So, if we perceive “gluttony”, „half pregnant“ and banalities as stumbling blocks, then we have great chances to implement a successful eLearning project.

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