A lack of motivation?

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This lecture or workshop about absenteeism due to motivation was initiated by ifm and organized by the ifm learning factory.

Many employees and managers attended in order to get suggestions and help.

First, we looked for the possible causes of absenteeism. And we’re not talking about absenteeism due to illness or vacation, but absenteeism due to – motivation – i.e., what was previously described as absenteeism.

People have many different motivations and thoughts or occasions that drive them to be absent due to their motivation or lack thereof. The bad thing is that the consequences are usually enormous. It is necessary to compensate for the lost resources
(e.g., through temporary work, jumpers) and colleagues must work more overtime. This also increases the stress level for them. The working atmosphere is negatively influenced and there may also be delays in the manufacture of products, which in turn has a negative impact on the customer’s reputation.

We have dealt with the general as well as the emotional stresses. These increase the more we are frustrated and the less we really care about people.

Away from sanctions - towards the caretaker!

That was the motto for further processing.

We do not speak of absenteeism or attendance times, but we take care of the workability of the employees and the necessary, perfectly fitting basic conditions.

We also asked the provocative question: What motivates the employee to stay!

The key role is played by the manager. He/She must be able to lead herself/himself, and lead the team and the employees well. It must also contribute to personal development as well as to that of the employees. And finally, it is also about sensible process and work design.

There were great questions, very good results on the pin board, and a lot of food to prevent absenteeism due to motivation!

I would like to thank everyone for their active cooperation and the great fun we had together!

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