Ursula Hesselmann

I stand for the appreciation of holistic view…

Courage, consistency, purposeful working, warmth and individuality as well as sustainability and transfer assurance
Ursula Hesselmann as comic

Mobile Coaching

Ergonomical seat height, comfortable upholstery, plenty of space and light for working. Test it out - you are very welcome in my coaching motorhome - Your Ursula Hesselmann

Design your development process!

Discover deeper motivations for your behavior

Take your own path and your development and influence yourself

Consulting / coaching in the process of change
Consulting and Organizational Development

In consulting and coaching it is mainly about people in organizations, culture, structure and processes. Are you looking for optimization? If we think innovative, result-oriented, then we can integrate all relevant resources and create new breakthroughs.

Training for development and strengthening
Training and Development

In training, it is particularly relevant to give everyone the opportunity to develop. That’s why we look at the whole personality. I am your competent sparring partner, with high attention and the view for the relationships, so that we think together of the relevant things, which you can influence yourself.

Helping people the calling of Ursula Hesselmann

My name is Ursula Hesselmann and I have made it my job to help people to look happy in the future.

I am firmly convinced that I have found my vocation in this profession. Anyone who has already experienced me knows that I work holistically. I trust in human link, self-confidence, in values and reason. In addition, heart and intuition are two important aspects to live holistic. To find new ways it is necessary to have skills like dealing with complexities and expressing relationships. So I experience great developments, wonderful workshops and grateful people. After all, change takes place only through integration – the commitment and the inner obligation into a new behavior. I help you!

Decision support for change

So I give decision-making support on your way to self-responsibility and development of your potential. Furthermore we do this by discovering your talents and your personality, the processes, the company and the business environment. Hence this also helps us to look at a new way of leadership, thus creating new flexible solutions and explore new ways. Thus a reorientation can take place, which boldly introduces new things.

We live in an elbow society with cold objectivity and condemning coexistence are the order of the day. However, we also live in a “waddy” society, which does not manage to name things by name, but rather “glosses over” a lot in order to avoid conflicts. Or they talk from behind.

It’s about the value!

I, Ursula Hesselmann, call things by name – upright and courageous, because we have to appreciate the value of people.
Our existence is no more or less worth than the lives of all living creatures in this world!
Consequently, communication on eye level is my lifestyle, appreciative and inspiring.
I’m here for people who want to contribute to interaction between humans and their environment.

YOUR Ursula Hesselmann

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